Thanks for checking out the “About” page! Please scroll through to find out more about Kairete Designs and our policies and where to find us!

Events and Shows

  • Currently I am not scheduled at any events but I am working on it! All shows and events will be in Missouri or Illinois.

Where to find Kairete online

Policies and info

  • Orders are filled on a first come-first served based on payment recieved. Some projects can take hundreds of hours to complete so please make sure to order in plenty of time!
  • Orders must be paid for in full before they will be started.
  • I apologize but at this time I cannot offer refunds unless the supplies have not been purchased or if I cannot complete the offer. Items are handmade and each item will look different even if identical items are purchased. I try for consistancy- however it is unavoidable with handmade items that some differences will be present. However patterns and updates will be supplied to you throughout the process to help avoid results that you don’t want. I want to make sure you’re happy with the final product!
  • Order prices do not include shipping which will be a seperate charge once the project is weighed.
  • I currently use Square to process payments and send invoices- You can mail a check but I would prefer online payment- this also speeds up your project since there will be no waiting on postage. Square security and info can be found on their website.
  • Right now all fiber arts orders must be placed via the commission form.
  • To order current canvases please go here.
  • Prices can be found under the menu pages.
  • Any questions can be directed to lin@kairetedesigns.com

About the Artist

Lin getting ready for a formal event circa 2017

Hello! I want to thank you again for checking out my website! I have had a love of art my whole life. Fiber arts have recently become even more dear to me. My wonderful, beautiful, amazing Granny passed away in May of 2018. I was blessed to spend her last months with her and learning from her experiences with knitting. I then inheritated all of her unfinished projects and spare yarn and fabric. Even an antique sewing machine found its way home with me after she passed. Amongst the yarn I found that she had purchased the exact amount of yarn needed for the blanket pattern it came with. I have no idea when she bought it but from some old Walmart stickers it was forsale circa 1986. I’m making the blanket now and stashing it aside for when theres a baby to gift it to. Fiber arts are something that help me feel close to my Granny. And to be honest- my cats seriously love the fact I have yarn literally everywhere! (check out the video below!) I love learning new stiches and using different methods to create beautiful projects! Even if I haven’t done a pattern or stitch before I love the chance to expand my skill sets! Because of all the art in my life I honor the Muses of ancient grecian mythology- they are a great help when practicing art. In honor of this and the welcoming vibe I want to bring to my projects- I have named my business “Kairete” the ancient greek word for welcome and greetings!

Part of me that I’m very vocal about is the fact that I struggle with health issues that make traditional work and schedules hard to succed in. Working from home gives me a huge freedom to take care of myself while helping others and paying my bills. know that you are truely buying from a small business and that all profits go toward paying bills and living expenses for me and my animals. I try to keep prices as affordable as I can- I don’t even pay myself $2/hour for projects. Please keep this in mind- I’m just a young woman trying to make ends meet. I would like to thank you again for looking at the website! Please be sure to check out the current sales pages!


Zinfandel the cat helping me knit!
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