Day 21- Can you feel the Wednesday?

Short and sweet tonight folks-my day job has me exhausted (though not for lack of good days!)

Today is feeling like Wednesday. Everyone at work is tired and even my cat seemed sleepier than usual

Today was her two year anniversary of gotcha!

Today is pretty celebratory- I mean who doesn’t love package delivery day?! Today I got THREE 8in cords for my interchangeable needles (yay for hat making and multiple projects!). I also got yarn in for a full size blanket commission! It’s yet to be named but I may see what the owner thinks once I have some rows done! They were also super excited when I sent them the photo of the yarn!

Check out the WIP page for an update on my orange hat!

I also finally managed to get Instagram working for me! So be sure to follow Kairete Designs on Insta!!

With all that celebration-well I’m ready for bed LOL!



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