Day 20- Technology and Historical crafts

I meant to post this last night and ended up with a migraine that had me unable to look at screens.

But I love technology! Now don’t start a comment war- I still have shelves full of books and have to give myself a spending limit any time I go in Barnes and Noble. But I do love technology. I have an updated phone and recently got an iPad really cheap.

I use them for vendor events and for social media. But I also use them to help with my crafting.

I use free apps to track progress on projects, count stitches for cast on, and rent books from my local library. I’ve included a screen cap of the iOS apps that I use for knitting. For patterns I simply use my number processing software like Sheets(Google)/Numbers(Apple)/ or Excel(Microsoft). If you change colors and add symbols it works great!

Check out my screen cap below to see the apps I use!



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