Day 19-Knock on wood

Hello everyone!

I know it’s only Monday and I’m really sleep deprived and might be ridding the high from that- but I do feel like I’m settling into the swing of things. (KNOCKS REPEATEDLY ON WOOD)

If I’m being honest I think it has to do with being able to ride this horse. I know non-horse people won’t understand. But-in short-riding horses is one of the few exercises my body can handle with my chronic pain. Even then I have to take days in between barn time because of my pain issues. But there’s something so freeing knowing that I can exercise and still walk the next day! It’s been probably a year since I got on a horse and the one I’m riding feels like a second home.

As much as knitting and art is self care-this is too. It’s helping me feel like myself and it’s giving me some much needed confidence. Not to mention that riding a 6ft horse as a 4’10” person is ALOT of fun and feeling on top of the world for actually being able to see over the gates!

That said I did knit today! I started an orange and black stripped hat for the vendor event in May! I only have three rows knit so I don’t have a picture yet, but if you imagine an orange circle of yarn-well you’re half way there! All hats start simply lol

I have some plans for a fair isle paw print version but I’ll have to tinker with a pattern!

For now please enjoy the photo of my cat acting like my pants are made of catnip (when in fact they’re covered in horse hair and dirt lol)



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