Day 18- addressing some things

Hello everyone!

Today has been a bit of a ride and I’d like to take a moment to clarify some things.

1) unsolicited advice is the absolute worse!

2) TBH y’all I don’t have the funds to just constantly be building stock.

3) I’ve been honest about how long I’ve been knitting and my work load. I’ve been knitting for about a year and a half. This doesn’t mean I’m not good. I wouldn’t be selling them if I wasn’t confident you would love the items you ordered. I also work forty hours a week and only have an hour or two to knit a day.

4) HUGE SHOUTOUT TO EVERYONE WHO PLACED ORDERS THIS WEEK!! Y’all make my dream come true and I’m so excited to make you items that you’ll love!

5) I don’t always do the best keeping the WIP up to date. That’s really my bad- I own that- however there is in fact more than two works in progress.

6) I will NEVER sell yarn that wasn’t purchased new. This is for a wide range of reasons but mostly because while I can wash the yarn the idea of not knowing where it came from or it’s history grosses me out. I make high quality things and buy high quality yarn for a reason. I don’t even look at scratchy brands because you should love touching your items.

All of this came about because I posted an ad on Reddit. I thank everyone who upvoted it but sadly someone saw fit to try and ruin my chance for business by constantly and unceasingly critiquing my website. I know some of you are waiting for more examples of work. And, if you’ve read the blog, you’ve seen some examples I simply haven’t gotten around to posting.

I will be updating the website tonight. I get the feeling Reddit didn’t read the blog or care. But the orders I’ve gotten from it tell me that there are people out there who genuinely understand. Special shout out to those people because they’re what’s making this dream turn and keeping my lights on 😉



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