Day 16 I think?


Let me tell y’all that this has been the most tiring yet fun Friday. Naturally I worked my day job today but then I had some good ole fashioned outdoor fun.

You see- I’m a horse owner. The barn I keep my horse at held a wellness clinic today and after I got off work-I headed out to the barn. I was out there for four hours and had so many laughs that I genuinely felt lighter.

That is until I got home and my boots off. I did wear the most supportive boots today and my feet are not happy. But who cares what they say-the rest of me is doing alright lol.

So how does this all tie in with handmade items? I got to thinking about it today. The easiest connection is ear bonnets. For you non-horse people, ear bonnets are a fabric covering for the ears that helps keep bugs and breezes down (mostly bugs up here since we have gale force winds instead of nice breezes) but they also kinda tie the horses outfit together! Yellow saddle pad, yellow boots, yellow reins- yellow bonnet!

But I could also make boot or stirrup covers, saddle covers, bit wraps, probably close to anything you can think of that you’d want knit or crocheted.

If you have an item you’d like to see-comment or message me!



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