Day 8 and day 9: lion days

To start I want to say thanks to those that are still finding my posts and reading even on the days I don’t post.

In short I have been exhausted. I get home from work and crash. No knitting-no posting- just me in bed fighting to stay awake long enough I don’t accidentally wake up at four am. I eat dinner and then magically insomnia sets in and I spend the next three hours hoping my sleep aides will help lull me to sleep, which they eventually do.

Today- day 10- will have two posts. Today I’m subbing for a kindergarten teacher who is using lions and lambs to help the kids graph weather patterns. Needless to say the past two days have been “lions” meaning they’ve been rainy and cloudy and kinda gross.

My day 8 and 9 were lion days for me. I was kinda rainy and had a bunch of clouds and generally miserable. But it’s what happens to me sometimes. March is hard for people with mental health issues. The constant fluctuations of weather leads to soaring highs and crushing lows. It’s the number one month for suicides. My friends and I have been keeping tabs on each other and sharing the love.

Tonight I’ll probably go home and repeat the exhausted cycle. But also try to knit some. At least a row or two.



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