Day 7

Y’all. I had two students tell me this week it was Thursday. So that right there summarizes my mood lol

To be honest. Today is the day of no knitting or such. I took a day off. Well I guess I crocheted three stitches at work-but I don’t think that counts.

You see… I’m tired. My pain levels woke me up last night through three alieve and two zquil. I dozed off on the couch just sitting there letting my brain turn off for once.

And it’s completely fine with me. If we don’t listen and take care of our bodies we’ll just end up with worse issues down the line or instigating existing issues. Self care is so important! But it’s sadly neglected by our economic system. If your body shuts down-you can’t work. Take that ten-thirty minutes (or ya know- a whole evening) just to be calm and rest. Let your brain reset or do something you enjoy!

If you’re in an even darker place here’s your reminder that dry shampoo and a baby wipe will help you feel just a bit more like yourself on a good day. I’ve been there. I see you and I understand that those two actions may be all you do today- but hey! It’s something and it’s helping care for yourself! You matter!



Ps-have a picture of my dog in fairy wings to cheer you up!

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