Day 6-lifeline

Today was… well, Monday. We had a bunch of lightbulbs die all at once so made a trip to good ole Wally World after work. I got home and realized in decent lighting (ya know-four working bulbs instead of one) that the Top Secret Blanket of Secrets did not look as good as I thought it did and I ended up completely unraveling probably 8+ hours of work.

You see in knitting there’s this super nifty tool called a lifeline. It’s when you run a thread or different yarn through a row so you only have to unravel to that point. You just remove it when the projects done. But it’s great to put one in pretty often so you don’t end up undoing all of your work.

I wasn’t to the point in this project I thought I needed a lifeline. And in truth-unless my stitches had coincidentally been perfect- it wouldn’t have saved me. I changed my pattern which meant my stitch count changed.

Do I wish I could’ve had the chance to see if life would’ve been easier? Yep. Did I cry and drink a frozen cocktail? For sure.

But it got me thinking about lifelines in real life. They can be people like my bffs, partner, or even my animals. They can be something like knitting or crochet that normally helps calm anxiety and the mind.

They can be totally temporary like sleep aides during a spell of insomnia or permanent like a pacemaker.

Sometimes (aka more often than not) I forget about the little things I unravel to that keep me from totally falling apart. Today it was the fact that ,despite unraveling a whole project, I still had stitch markers so I wouldn’t have to count past ten. It seems small but I had to count over 200 stitches and would’ve cried again trying to count those without markers.

Today I’m pulling a stereotypical blog move and challenging everyone to find a lifeline.

Pictured below is me figuring out color patterns for The Top Secret Blanket of Secrets. It is probably the only spoiler I can give lol!



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