Day 5: the harsh reality of chronic health issues and working

I decided this one needed a longer title. Almost as a warning, or perhaps something to pique interest. Today reaffirmed for me why I need Kairete to keep going so strong. There was no way I was in any state to go to a conventional job today. I struggle with major depression, anxiety, and PTSD as well as chronic widespread pain. Today was one of those days where my brain turned off functional activity and my body hurt to sit or move. My fingers were clumsy, the simplest things caused me to want to cry from pain for frustration.

Here’s the kicker- I’m not alone in this. Millions of people face the same issues I do. Mental health and chronic pain count as things that qualify you for disability. And we as society ignore it.

So me and my company refuse to ignore it. I got several rows done today on the Top Secret Blanket of Secrets commission. It took me longer than expected and I fumbled the yarn but it wasn’t putting me under any stress either. I could be less productive working from home- without risk of being fired. It’s a Sunday and I was working today.

Just those few rows helped cheer me up- I love the way this pattern is turning out! The colors are beautiful and the needles I’m using are so wonderful!

I work from home to help take care of my health- but also because these projects are what I love. And I’m so blessed that I know the person this commission is being gifted to and that I get to (hopefully) see their face when they get it! These projects are personal to me just as they are to the people who ordered them.

Thanks again to everyone sharing, subscribing, and liking the page! I get so giddy when the banner for WordPress shows up on my notification feed:) y’all are truly the best!



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