Temperature Blanket

I orginally saw this project on Pinterest and all the patterns I could find were for crotchet so naturally I decided to knit it! The one I’m working on right now is a king size of 2019. It’s for my partner and I for our bed! I’m using a super soft yarn that due to circumstances of living I have to get Hobby Lobby (whole other disappointing rant about their politics). I live over an hour away from other stores and our Walmart has almost completely stopped carrying yarn. Now that I’ve made it to the city and sampled other yarns I have a backup plan for orders placed! These are almost completely customizeable. As long as I can find a daily history of the average temperature I can knit a blanket for any time lines (like the year your kids were born!) This blanket does take a long time, especially with the bigger sizes- but that holds true for most blankets lol! Check out the pictures below for progress!

To order please use the comission form HERE.

Each row represents a day in the year and the average temp of that day- due to this blankets smaller than a Throw can not be made for an entire year.

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