Day 4

So life gave me some lemons today (I’m looking at you insomnia and headaches) but also a loaded clearance section at the craft store lol. My partner kindly agreed to go with me on the hour and half trek to the nearest non-homophobic craft stores and in return I lugged home two full bags of yarn 🙂

I’m excited to start experimenting more and only wish I could’ve bought more lol. But alas it is what it is. And today is National Puppy Day. I don’t have a puppy but I do have a tiny black dog and some very cuddly cats. All three of which curled up (or head butted me) while I was working on learning to crochet BB-8 and work on the Rice Pudding Baby Blanket!

My dog is my lifeline. He knows exactly when to cuddle and keeps me moving on days I stay home from work. Plus he respects when my lap is occupied (cats don’t lol)!

Special thanks to everyone reading despite short posts:) My readers have given me so much hope just seeing the stats for the site! I’m also on Facebook!



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