Day 3

Well. TGIF!!! For real though. This week felt like two. We finished moving my friend and my partner and I have started our “test” phase of living together! See we’re officially moving in together in a few months and wanted to give ourselves time to adapt to it before the stress of moving kicked in. So far it has resulted in yelling the shopping list from the bathroom LOL!

I’m currently sitting in my friends new house waiting on the obligatory pizza and wine. And I’m wishing I had brought my crochet with me because it’s my end of the work day cool down.

(I did in fact have a student look at me like I was performing magic while I knit today during free time lol)

But I did get my vistaprint order in and now have business cards! See below for pictures!

Anyway I’m off to bed. Two days of work and moving have me worn out!



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