Day 2

Well I’m exhausted (is today actually Thursday or is it like Monday 2.0???) so I’ll keep this short! I got some knitting done, showed some off, and emailed more events! I took a school pride blanket (repping my old HS!) to work on while I had plan time and home room (oh I guess I haven’t mentioned I’m a substitute teacher by day lol). It’s a quick and easy project to knit up until I get to where I need to add paws-but honestly that’s not that hard either (I’ll share my tips for patterns at a later date!)

I helped a friend move today and by the end of it my left leg was shaking and barely supportive. But hey! We only have a few things to load up tomorrow and then it’s pizza and laughs at her new place!

Tomorrow the teacher I’m subbing for is having a movie day to celebrate end of the quarter so I’ll be knitting and watching Unwrapped (highly recommend btw). Who knows maybe I’ll inspire a student to pick up some yarn someday.

I’m off to exhausted, sleep aid, and pain relief land-goodnight world and thanks for checking out the website! I’ll finish updating pages over the weekend- so for my followers I apologize in advance for the potential notifications you’re going to receive!



Ps-the tailgate was able to half close and we had stop about a block from her house because we forgot to weigh down the clothes in the drawers-thankfully we lost none!

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