Day 1

Well folks I’ve made the decision to post at least a sentence a day for the next year as I embark on building Kairete Designs. It’s going to test my will power and at times my own physical strength.

You see-a core reason I started crafting was a way to calm my anxiety and depression. There’s several studies out there that show a link between yarn work and calming the mind. But I realized something as I self medicated with knitting needles and crochet hooks-I genuinely enjoyed and was good at this. I started Kairete Designs June 2018-right after my grandmother passed. At that point I was only painting-knitting had become painful as I worked through the grief process-something extremely hard for my brain to handle.

I started painting a set of Hogwarts themed canvases for my Harry Potter themed living room. I spent hours laboring over details trying to make them just right for my decor. I started decorating my house with hand painted fandom themed things. But in truth my hearts in the yarn art right now.

The first canvas I ever sold was at a ladies night where a grand total of five people showed up. One of them bought a fandom canvas and I felt so excited that maybe this could take off. Another gal won a drawing for a discounted canvas-and chose to combine her favorite houses into one canvas that pushed me to the edge of what I had tried to create something unique and personal. I’m forever grateful to those two ladies and one teenager who saw a Banishment symbol at another fair where hundreds walked by my stall and she stopped and bought something. Those three ladies at these vendor events gave me some much needed hope.

A friend from high school messaged me one day asking what I charged and then saved up for a small pride canvas-i loved doing something for her- we had both grown so much since we were teens and this canvas was so symbolic of that:) Another friend from college won a pride flag give away and it felt so awesome to hand that painting over.

After losing my grandmother I realized my muscles weren’t as strong as they used to be despite no change in routine and a rather physically demanding job- I talked with my doctor who recommended that for my safety and others that I change to a job that was less hard on my body. As time continues on I notice that my body just isn’t as sturdy as it used to be. I’ve started yoga as a gentle way to strengthen it-and then I was too sick or in too much pain to go.

On days when I’m stuck in bed or on the couch I’ve found extreme comfort in being able to knit or crochet- it grants a sense of productivity where previously I would have none.

I have orders for blankets and scarves and it’s wonderful knowing that someone actually wants my crafts.

I’m working with someone who wants me to supply things for their brick and mortar store and for their own crafts. (Updates as that pans out). I’m applying to vendor events and trying to come up with funds to pay table fees.

As my life changes and it becomes more obvious that my body isn’t up to physically demanding jobs there seems to be more hope in Kairete to help me out while bringing warmth and fun to other people’s lives. I’m truly thankful and blessed to the muses and those around me supporting me.



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